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Shuseki-Shihan Asai 10.dan JKS (poster) (item no. 940)

Size: A3 28*39cm

Poster of Shuseki-Shihan Tetsuhiko Asai 10th dan JKS (1935-2006).

Shihan Tetsuhiko Asai was throughout the world highly respected and regarded as one of the greatest masters of traditional Japanese Karate-Do.

Shihan Asai has since the 1940’s devoted his life, body and soul to the art of Karate-Do. Shihan Asai’s movements seemed un-humanly superior with a knowledge that made Shihan Asai the ultimate karate technician. Shihan Asai took his University degree from the famous TakushokuUniversity, training under masters like: Sensei Funakoshi, Sensei Nakayama and Sensei Okazaki. After graduating from the university, Shihan Asai started at the infamous and brutal instructor’s class, and after years of hard training, Shihan Asai became a JKA Instructor. In 1962 Shihan Asai was sent to Taiwan to introduce Karate-Do, and was later sent to China, Hong Kong, America, and Hawai, where he remained Chief Instructor for five years at Hawaiian Karate Association.

Besides being Shuseki Shihan (Chief Instructor) for Japan Karate Shotorenmei, Shihan Asai had earlier been the

Technical Director of Japan Karate Association. After the passing away of Shihan Nakayama (JKA Chief Instructor), Shihan Asai was appointed Chief Instructor of JKA. Shihan Asai was one of the unique instructors who incorporated into his style circular techniques from Chinese martial arts.

Shihan Asai won the JKA Championships in kumite in 1961 and Kata in 1963. Shihan Asai reflected deep devotion and great humility as expected for a true Grand Master. Watching Shihan Asai in action humbled all karate practitioners. Shihan Asai‘s techniques and knowledge was un-matched and unsurpassed.

Sadly, Shihan Asai passed away on August 15th 2006, after battling cancer.

He was 71 years old. His legacy will live on.

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