These labels cannot be bought separately, but is sewn on belts and dogi on request.

If no specific label is chosen, the original Hirota label will be put on.

Hirota (item no. 680)

JKS (item no. 640)

JKA (item no. 630)

KWF (item no. 670)

SKIF (item no. 691)

Wado-kai (item no. 680)

Wado-ryu (item no. 693)

Seigokan (item no. 690)


Shobukai (item no. 660)

Karate do

Shito kai (item no. 650)

Itosu-ryu (item no. 620)

Hayashiha Shitohryu-Kai

(item no. 610)

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