Kamiwasashop offers, according to the law, a two-year objection and complaint service on material and manufacturing flaws, which is observed during use of the product. The right to objections and complaints do not cover; misuse, mistreatment, wear and tear, direct or indirectly caused by wrongful use, poor maintenance, forceful use or unauthorized treatment. Complaints and objections on material and manufacturing flaws observed are to be given to Kamiwasashop in a timely manner. The item can then be returned for repair, replacement, or by appointment be paid-back to your account. In connection to a case of objections and complaints Kamiwasashop will incur the cost of returning the item(s) on a reasonable extend basis.

Complaints and the returning of goods

In the case of product flaws, missing items or missed deliveries please direct all attention to:


Harrisleerstrasse 48

24939 Flensburg


Email: kamiwazashop@gmail.com

The returning of goods is equally to be directed to this address. Please note that Kamiwasashop do not receive goods send per COD. The returning of packages can also be; by refusal to receive upon delivery, or by returning the package in person. Although not a lawful demand, the administration process will be quickened if proper information is accompanied by said package. As an example: if a copy of the invoice, registration and bank account number to which you whish to receive a refund, or a copy of earlier correspondence is accompanying the return package, administration time will be quickened.

Refunds & CODs
In case of agreed upon abatements, goods returned, or goods prepaid which is cancelled before the goods have been sent/shipped-out, Kamiwasashop will return the complete or partly complete sum of the original cost, stated on the invoice, and according to the laws and regulations, as well as, the conditions written above. Refunds usually happen by way of bank-transfer, and Kamiwasashop will therefore require information on your bank account.

Kamiwaza GmbH  -  Tel. 0461 90016682  -  E-mail: kamiwazashop@gmail.com